Mellor Mill: Mowing - Painting - Strimming - Weeding aka (Mill TLC)

Weeding PartyMellor Mill: Mowing - Painting - Strimming - Weeding aka (Mill TLC)

“They think it’s all over, some people are…...Well it is now"
Not so! Mellor mill built at the cusp of the industrial revolution enters into another period of transition, another cusp. Following the culmination of excavations and landscaping, another phase of mill’s life is to begin. Becoming the central attraction in the Mellor Mill Heritage Park, a role that will be played over the next twenty five years or so that lie ahead, this will be the legacy stage of the Heritage Lottery Fund Award.
The first tentative steps into this new era have included a couple recent ‘parties’. One devoted to a initial camouflage painting of the site cabins (work in progress) the other weeding and grass cutting. A task that in summer is akin to Forth Bridge painting, as all gardeners know only to well.
Photos: Bob Humphrey-Taylor and Arthur Procter

Paint & Garden
Paint & Garden
Paint & Garden
Paint & Garden
Paint & Garden

The Eye of the STORM


The Eye of the STORM
1-day cultural heritage and climate change seminar
Mellor, UK

On 11 December 2018 Mellor Archaeological Trust and the University of Salford hosted an admission-free seminar at the Mellor Parish Centre, close to the Mellor pilot site. The seminar focussed on the issue of climate change effects on cultural heritage in the UK and beyond. The seminar was attended by over 40 guests including STORM partners, other local and national CH projects and the general public.

Speakers from STORM, including Rosmarie De Wit, Filipa Neto, Mike Nevell, Bob Humphrey-Taylor and Robert Williamson who discussed the impact of climate change on the North-West England region, the Mellor pilot site, and protection of Cultural heritage across the UK and Europe from hazards. This combination of talks highlighted the importance of the STORM project to the UK cultural heritage perspective.

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Bob Humphrey-Taylor - ‘STORM Gathers over Mellor!’

Hill Pan webAn acronym was originally just the initial letters of an institution or a project, used as a shorthand by people involved. However, the modern trend is for governmental agencies to think of the acronym first and then find a mission statement that can fit (or sort of fit).

STORM is the contrived acronym for an EU programme designed to assess the impact of climate change on archaeological sites. The full title is...

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The Trust Christmas Lunch 2018

MAT Xmas 18 10Christmas Lunch
12.30 on Sunday 2nd December 2018 at Roman Lakes Tea Rooms

‘Their Christmas starts here’ to paraphrase the clarion call of ‘Ready –Steady Go’, ‘The weekend starts here'. That Friday evening programme that must have been essential viewing for many of the day’s diners, when they were nowt but lads and lasses, the sallow youths of many a year ago.

But as well as play this weekend, work had to done. Work in ‘manning’ the MAT stall at Saturday’s Winter Wonderland in Marple Bridge, led by Bob & Hilary Humphrey – Taylor. The Trust’s Gazebo sat midst Morris Men, the Manchester rock Choir and a host of entertainers both those young and those not so young.

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