Mellor Heritage Map and Walks Booklet

The Mellor Heritage Map and Walks Booklet

Mellor Heritage Map and Walks Booklet

The Map identifies 58 heritage sites and is accompanied by a Walks Booklet of 12 heritage walks within the Project Area and giving cross-references to all of the heritage sites they pass. The 12 heritage walks include:

1. Mellor landscapes [church to Shiloh road] - 4.5m km
2. Mill Brow, wealth of water power - 6 km
3. Around the Northwest [Bottoms Hall to Etherow] - 9.5 km
4. Three Brookbottoms figure of 8 - 12 km
5. A prehistoric perambulation [Cobden edge to Chisworth] - 13.5 km
6. Samuel Oldknow [Marple to Roman Bridge] - 6 km
7. John Wesley, Methodists and Independents [Devil's Elbow to Paradise] - 11.5 km
8. An approach from New Mills - 3.5 km
9. The deep south - 4 km
10. A northern amble - 5.75 km
11. The inner circle - 9 km
12. Round the boundary - 25 km

The map and Guide are both sold together (they cannot be supplied separately)  in a wallet for £10.00 (plus 80p post and packing).

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