Bob's Mill Diary - June 21, 2012

John Glithero had written: I have now had a better look at the 2009 report and here are some comments. 3.2    Worrall's Trade Directories for 1887 and 1891 show that the mill was run by John Clayton & Co Limited. I have looked at the National Archives (Kew) website ( and found that a John Clayton & Co Limited was incorporated in 1875 and that 2 Board of Trade files exist. These are BT/31/2170/100118 and BT34/159/10118. I have looked at BT files for many companies and found a wealth of information.

However, I have no appetite for going to Kew at the moment. Kew are able send photocopies but it might work out expensive.

I have looked at The London Gazette on line (just Google London Gazette) and found that in 1883 the company reduced its share capital from £40,000 to £24,000 (solicitor Edward Kyander of Dukinfield) and again in 1889 to £8,000 (Solicitor J H Garforth of Ashton). The company was wound up in 1895, S W Swire being the Chairman. I do not know the reason for reducing the capital and wonder if it was the same company.

4.1    I have overlaid the plans of the trenches (Figures 10, 11 and 12) onto the 1898 1:2,500 OS map, but the fit is not very good at the gap between the mill and the brick extension to the east. I think that this is because I am magnifying the map well beyond its limit of accuracy and the mill is coming out a little too wide. I cannot see any dimension connecting Trench 1 to Trench 2.

4.2.3    I do not recognise the foundation stones in Area C as engine beds. They might have been for some piece of cotton processing machinery or possibly for a hoist. We do know a hoist was fitted sometime between 1812 and 1832, and it might well have been replaced later.

Bob responded: Thank you for all that research.  I feel I may have to go and stay with one of my nieces who lives in Kew just around the corner from the National Archives.

Pity about the map.  We really could do with something drawn to a much larger scale.  There is a glimmer of hope that the Deeds for the Oldknow Estate may well reside in the records at Worsley [Willersley- jh] Hall.  It is quite likely that they will contain very detailed maps and plans.  John and Ann are pursuing that lead.