Bob's Mill Diary - March 14, 2012, to volunteers

As you know our volunteer weekends down at the Mellor Mill start again this weekend (9am - 4pm Sat and Sun).   We are hoping this will be an even more exciting year than last as tomorrow (Thursday) we learn whether or not we have been successful in our bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund at Stage 1.   Clearly the plan of action for work will be very different if we are successful.   The opening event for the Wellington Wheel Pit last weekend was a huge success and has generated a lot of additional interest in what we have achieved so far.  In addition to the Radio and TV cover last week we also have an article in the Stockport Express this week and I will follow that up with a letter to the editor asking for more volunteers.

I think it would be a good idea for us to have a bit of a do sometime in April.   I am thinking of a BBQ on Sunday 15th April.  We will provide salads, BBQ and a glass of wine if you can bring your own meat, plates and glasses.   If you are interested please let me know so we can keep a track of numbers.

I hope to see many of you for some or all of the weekend.

[The bid to HLF was unsuccessful, but we were encouraged to put in a new application jointly with British Waterways, who had submitted a bid for the Peak Forest Canal in Marple, which was promoted by Oldknow.]