Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday July 21st 2013

Whilst excavating in the coal store area, of the boiler house, we came across some unlikely bits of car.  We have a steering box, a brake and clutch pedal and part of a steering rack.  After much deliberation, maybe 30 seconds, the general consensus was that they are unlikely to be contemporaneous with the coal store!!

Drain in coal store area

A rather more exciting find was this drain in the coal store area. (left) It had been carefully blocked off using black mortar and that had ensured it was well preserved from the elements.  The boiler and engine house have proved to be very exciting and considerably more complex that had been anticipated.

Fire Bar

This part of a 'Fire Bar' (right) was discovered in the Boiler House.  These would have been slotted in under the boiler to form a base for the coal fire. Dr. John Glithero identified and cleaned up the fire bar. Dr. Glithero is past president of the Manchester Association of Engineers.