Bob's Mellor Mill Diary

Bob (Robert Humphrey-Taylor) is leading the excavations at Mellor Mill.
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If you want to volunteer to help, contact Bob at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Bob's Mill Diary - September 22, 2011

Things are progressing OK.  We have started some lime mortar pointing to the headrace.  Dave Myers should be arriving next week to remove trees which are dangerous/obscure the view.  The timescale is optimistic with not as many volunteers as hoped.   However, there is an article in this week's free paper and in the Stockport Express appealing for volunteers and it has already produced one new volunteer who will come this Sunday.  I have had an offer (via a mutual friend) from a keen local amateur photographer to produce the photo archive - I will speak with him tonight and let you know the outcome.  John has also received an offer from a local retired architect who is willing to volunteer.

Bob's Mill Diary - September 7, 2011

During the sorting of the spoil I have had all complete bricks set to one side.  My hope is that we will gather sufficient to use for some/all pathways.  It would seem an appropriate use of sixteenth century handmade bricks.  What do you think?  [I agree, but I think they were 18th century! John]

Bob's Mill Diary - July 26, 2011, to Miranda Galloway for volunteers

The first volunteers weekend at the Wellington Wheel Pit will be 3/4 September.   I know this clashes with the Moor End to Marple Bridge exhibition but I would expect people to be sensible and take time out to tour that as well.  I am concerned that the timescale for this phase of the Mellor Mill project is quite short and we need to move on with it.  I propose 9am to 4pm on the Saturday and the Sunday.

I am meeting Brian Pendlebury from the Youth Offenders Scheme on Thursday at 10am and I hope that will give me another workforce to tackle the spoil heap in September.

All the volunteers I have spoken to have been told that they will need to complete a Manual Handling Course (2 hrs at most) to comply with our insurers.  This will be run on both the Saturday morning and the Sunday morning from 10am - 12pm

I would like all volunteers to be sent an email of the HSE pdf file on Manual Handling and a request that they read it before coming to the dig.  A prior understanding will cut down the time spent instructing.   I will keep a register of attendees and issue individual MAT certificates as requested by our insurers.  I am attaching the HSE pdf so that it can be sent out as we get volunteers.

We seem to be doing quite well with volunteers and I think we will be able to move the project on to  a point where the public can view the pit and understand its story.

Bob's Mill Diary - July 20, 2011, to volunteers

We are starting our next archaeological project in Mellor.  Some work has already begun on the Wellington Wheel Pit at Mellor Mill.   We have cleared the pit of over 100 years of debris and masonry and started to make a safe access down into the bottom of the pit.  We are now looking for interested volunteers to help with a wide variety of tasks to make the Wheel Pit presentable and viewable by the general public.  The timescale is fairly short as we hope to have the pit open by the autumn complete with story boards and safety fencing [an optimistic hope!].   There is quite lot to do.   We will be sifting the 120 tons of debris and masonry that came out of the pit for artefacts, making pathways, cleaning stonework and making the site safe and a welcoming visit for the general public.   Towards this end we are having an initial meeting of those interested in becoming a volunteer this Sunday (24th July) at Mellor Mill (junction of Lakes Road and Bottoms Mill Road - next to the North Lake at the Roman Lakes) at 2pm.  If you are interested, or you have a friend who is, just come along to the meeting (maximum 1 hour) to hear what the project is all about and see where you might fit in.   If you have any queries or can't make Sunday please email Bob Humphrey-Taylor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone on 07710964046 to get further information.

Bob's Mill Diary - July 10, 2011

Just a quick note to keep you updated on progress.

I have managed to get enough steel staircase and handrail fittings (second hand) to make up into the access down from the wheel bearing platform into the bottom of the pit.  The parts are currently being cleaned of rust/debris and painted with black hammerite paint.  Once cleaned and painted I will get the parts down to the pit ready for on-site assembly.  I am quite sure that there will need to be some re-modeling as a straight set of stairs wouldn't work.   The cost will be well within our £1000 budget.