Bob's Mellor Mill Diary

Bob (Robert Humphrey-Taylor) is leading the excavations at Mellor Mill.
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Bob's Mill Diary - Wednesday 17th June 2015

It is going to be busy down at Mellor Mill this Sunday (21st June).  At around midday an ITV film crew will be coming to film the dig and conduct some interviews with John Sergeant as part of the new series of BARGING AROUND.  I believe John will be dressed in period costume and will be doing some excavating.

Bob's Mill Diary - Friday 1st May 2015 (B)

Sam responds to a request.

Sam visited his old Grammar School at Rivington

By Special Request of the Hawk Green Residents' Association Samuel Oldknow has be invited to attend. Come along and meet him on 10th May between 12 noon and 4pm. Have a chat about him, his life and what these folk are doing down at his Mellor Mill now.

Bob's Mill Diary - Friday 1st May 2015 (A)

Water Power : Then & Now

Thought I would share a few of the images from my last evening's talk on water power at Mellor Mill. 

 Floodgates Weir from the bottom of the railway viaduct.

The shape of the Floodgates Weir (below left) from top of the railway viaduct.                           

The Water Wheel (above) which drove the Corn Threshing Machine at Bottoms Hall Farm. Although outside the Grant approved works for the Revealing Oldknow's Legacy project MAT has been successful in gaining permission to investigate this Water Wheel at some time in the future

Bob's Mill Diary - Monday 27th April 2015

Community Dig 2

Taking into account the revolting weather we experienced during the four days leading up to Good Friday it was amazing that we had a good number of primary school children and adults come along to help with the excavations.  The children revelled in the muddy conditions and thoroughly enjoyed their experience.  In contrast the four days following Easter were glorious wall to wall sunshine with lots of volunteers coming along.  Much was achieved in the area of the drive shaft tunnel leading from the steam engine house into the mill building.

And from Bob's twitter feed..April 25th...'Foundations of a new building discovered today. Every week a bit more is added to the Mellor Mill story. Come dig with us'

Bob's Mill Diary - Wednesday 15th April 2015

Community Dig

We've been working hard, as usual, to progress the site.  The Community Dig last week was a really great step forward and we hope that many of those who attended will come back to volunteer at weekends.  The "Big Digger" has made a huge difference to progress and we now feel we are on track to hit our aim of completing the mill site within one year. Come on down and see us to have a chat any Saturday or Sunday between 10am and 4pm ww would love to see you and give you the latest update.
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