The excavations produced both artefacts and features that may be earlier than or contemporary with Shaw Cairn. This comprise a group of stake-holes and an assemblage of worked stone, including both Later Mesolithic and Late Neolithic / Early Bronze Artefacts.

In conclusion, the report highlights that there is scope for further archaeological investigations in the environs of Shaw Cairn, particularly geophysical survey, test pitting and evaluative excavation.


This document is a summary report on the programme of archaeological survey and excavation at Shaw Cairn, Mellor Moor, Stockport. Shaw Cairn is a multi-phase monument that was the focus for the deposition of human inhumation and cremation burials during the Early Bronze Age (c.2200-1700 BC). The report reviews the background, aims and methodology of the project, and summarises the quality and nature of the information retrieved.

Click here to read a full pdf copy of the 2011 Report on the archaeological investigations at Shaw Cairn.

Old Vicarage Site


Mellor Mill 1792-1892


Shaw Cairn


Where is Mellor?

Now on the edge of Stockport in Greater Manchester, Mellor's location is historically important. 

On the south-west and north-west, it is bordered by the two great rivers, Goyt and Etherow, which drain the SW Peak District and join to form the Mersey at the lowest point of Mellor.

On the east, a high ridge overlooks a valley, behind which is Kinder Scout. Three spurs, separated by brooks, project west from the ridge.

Click for a local map and directions.

Where is Mellor?


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